SPE Instrument Repairs & Services Repairs of Speedometers and other instruments 57 Monty Naiker Street Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4004 031-337-8910 [email protected]

57 Monty Naiker Street

Durban, SA

Durban Instrument Repair Services

Servicing the automotive and transporting sectors for over 22 years. We repair a wide range of instruments such as: 

Digital instruments, Temperature gauges, Fuel Gauges, Rev Counters, Speedometer, Odometers and more.

Digital Instruments

We repair and service a wide range of digital instruments in many different industries. Contact us to find out if we can help you with your digital repair.

Speedometer repairs

We are dedicated to repairing all faults within the automotive electronic parts remanufacturing markets. Speedometers are important so why replace when you can repair it.

Fuel Sending Units

Repair or Rebuild Fuel Sending Units. Rusted lines, damaged wiring, sensors, We Do Them All.


We service most brands of tachometers. Tachometers have been around almost as long as speedometers. Later tachometers became electric with a circuit board that we can repair also.

Retrofitting Old Instruments

Retro Fitting is a service SPE Instruments can perform on your instruments. We maintain the authentic work of the original gauges. The look and feel of your panels and faces will remain intact, and you will have the accuracy of modern movements.

Analog Instrument Repairs

If you have an old car or antique instrument that you want to restore back to its vintage original working get it to us. We have experience with a wide range of old vintage instruments.